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WAKE UP! Music ROCKS: The Nu Force in Modern Rock and Metal In 2020, the music world witnessed the birth of an electrifying new chapter in the legacy of Wake UP! Music Group - WAKE UP! Music ROCKS. Founded by the visionary Pepper Gomez, this division marked a bold foray into the dynamic realms of rock and metal. WAKE UP! Music, renowned for its groundbreaking 'Nu Music', now extends its innovative spirit to a genre that thrums with raw energy and impassioned creativity. At the heart of WAKE UP! Music ROCKS is Gomez's unwavering commitment to artistic exploration and aural diversity. By venturing into the heavier, more visceral sonic landscapes of rock and metal, Gomez is not just expanding the group's musical horizons but is also honoring the rich, multifaceted nature of contemporary music. This new division stands as a testament to her belief in the unifying power of music, transcending genres to strike a chord with audiences worldwide. WAKE UP! Music ROCKS is more than a label; it's a movement. It’s a place where the electrifying energy of rock blends with the soul-stirring rhythms of metal, creating a symphony that resonates with the bold and the fearless. In staying true to the ethos of Wake UP! Music, this division is not just about producing music—it's about crafting experiences, forging connections, and igniting a revolution in the hearts of music lovers. As we delve into this exhilarating journey, WAKE UP! Music ROCKS invites you to experience the power of music in its most raw and passionate form. Get ready to feel the pulse of groundbreaking rock and metal, and be part of a musical odyssey that promises to reshape the contours of the music landscape. Join us, as WAKE UP! Music ROCKS turns up the volume and brings to the forefront a new era of rock and metal, infused with the same energy, innovation, and spirit that has always been the hallmark of Wake UP! Music.


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