“A Killer’s Confession have released a “quarantine” video for their brand new single “Last Chance”.

Waylon Reeavis, leader of the band, had this to say about the song, “It is about a individual who has burned all bridges in their life and are on their last chance to make it right. “Last Chance” is a scream for forgiveness of past decisions we have made and how ashamed we can be from things we do.”

He said of the visual, “The video is the official “quarantine” video. As no one in A Killer’s Confession could come together to shoot this video due to Covid-19, we had everyone send videos from their homes.

“All footage was taken by a cell phone/camera. We would like to show everyone that we can still accomplish things while being safe and respecting social distancing until this crisis has passed.”

The band added in the video description, “Remember we are all in this together and we can make the best of any situation given. Also, we had an old friend make a special appearance!”

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Last Chance (Single)

Release Date : April 10, 2020
Artist : A Killer's Confession
Genres : Active Rock, Nu Metal, Rock
labels : Wake Up! Music, Wake Up! Music Rocks
Format : CD