Manolo Leiva – Flamenco Singer


1924 – 2012

Pedro Cortes (El Padre) – Flamenco Guitarist


1931 – 2006


I had to put these two together. They were friends from the moment they met until the day they died. They were pure Flamencos. In my studies, in which they clearly indulged me, I had the incredible blessing to have Pedro as on guitar for cante and Manolo as my cante teacher. Just to hear them talk was to be in the presence of greatness. The immense amount of love they poured into me, because Iโ€™m sure they knew my flamenco heart was pure, which was of course, reciprocated, has shaped my life in countless ways. It is hard to talk about them without feeling like crying. Forever missed! Olรฉ mis Profes!

In Memory Of

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