Heroes of Chicago House Coloring Book


Wake Up Music! is thrilled to announce a new collaboration with Plastic “Steven Krakow” Crimewave of The Chicago Reader’s long-running Secret History of Chicago Music feature. With this 34-page coloring book drawn by PCW, the groundbreaking champions of the lauded 80s-90s Chicago House music scene are honored in illustrations to vividly color. The Windy City is internationally known for its vibrant and diverse House music community to this day, with stars like Frankie Knuckles literally having streets named after them, and European labels still reissuing critical Chicago House records.

Wake Up Music! is also happy to announce that $5 of each coloring book sale will go to the Sustain Chicago Music Organization, which provides grants to local musicians at a time when there are few opportunities for live performances.


We regret that we cannot fulfill any international orders at this time due to the state of worldwide shipping.



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